• JSON-Handle

    It's a browser and editor for JSON document.You can get a beautiful view. Edit and browse JSON document in a node tree diagram.

    用户隐私声明 Privacy Policy在启用 JSON-handle 的 [自动渲染 JSON 文件] 功能时,插件将获取你所浏览网站的网页内容,并仅在本地解析用于判断网页内容是否为JSON内容,不会收集或传输任何用户数据。
    When the function [Auto render JSON] of JSON-handle is enabled in setting, the extension will parse the web content of the website you are browsing, and only process it locally to determine whether the web content is JSON content, and will not collect or transmit any users data.

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  • QR code go

    A QR code generator. Available offline.

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  • 绿色搜索

    屏蔽百度搜索结果列表中的广告信息, 将移除或者弱化显示

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